High-Quality Used 4x4 for Sale Across Mildura, Victoria

The 4x4 cars are highly-functional vehicles and are the best choice for off-roading and long road trips. It gives better control and power compared to any other automobile. Some people even claim that it delivers the highest level of driving experience. As these cars are built with a passion for passionate drivers, they give maximum value for your money.

At Your Next 4x4, Mildura, Victoria we have a wide range of second-hand 4x4 cars for sale. All our vehicles are listed for sale after proper verification and due diligence to ensure the best working condition. We assure you about the quality and provide a warranty on each vehicle.

Find the Best 4x4 From Different Brands for Your Needs

We have some of the most iconic 4x4 for sale in our collection. With us, you can buy vehicles from major brands and models, from the latest to limited edition ones. Our used Land Cruiser can be suitable for personal as well as commercial purposes. Choose the brand and the model you are looking for from the following list:

Nissan- This Japanese automobile brand is known for its exceptional design and performance. We have the best 4x4 cars including the 1990 Nissan Patrol GQ ST, 1999 Nissan Patrol GU ST, 2002 Nissan Patrol GU III ST, 2002 Nissan Patrol GU III ST, etc.

Toyota- We have different models of Toyota Land Cruisers for sale with different specifications and engine types. The brand is probably the best-selling automobile company in the world and a pioneer when it comes to 4x4 vehicles. We have different models like Landcruiser Troopcarrier for sale which belongs to the 70 series Landcruiser. Moreover, we also have high-performance 79 and 80 series Landcruiser for sale

Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ, GRJ, or HZJ: Choose the Right Engine for Off-roading

We know all these engines of the Toyota Land Cruisers have evolved over the years and are excellent for off-roading. However, it is important to know the basic difference between them so that you can make the right choice according to your requirements:

VDJ- Choose this engine for a powerful performance as they give better torque and control over your Land Cruiser. We have Toyota Landcruiser vdj for sale at competitive prices.

GRJ- These engines are equally powerful but can carry heavier loads without affecting the control over your vehicle.

HZJ- The HZJ is a simpler and lesser powerful version of these engines but is quite reliable. We have Toyota Landcruiser hzj for sale that is tuned up to provide optimum performance.

Vehicle Trade-in, Finance Solution, and Car Servicing in Mildura, Victoria

Your Next 4x4 is more than a 4x4 car trader as we also provide expert advice from our 4x4 experts to our customers. Although we are specialists in 4x4 cars we also provide finance solutions to people who want to buy 4wd with us. The following steps will give you clarity about how we work:

Provide Contact Details- Details like your name, address, and service requirement are important to us so that we note down your enquiry and book an appointment. Fill in the form on our official website and our team will get back to you soon.

Provide Vehicle Details- You can fill in the details in the form of the respective service so that we can proceed further with your request.

  • Selling Your 4x4- If you want to sell your vehicle with us, we can proceed after getting the vehicle details. If you want us to evaluate the value of your car before selling it, you can contact us for a price evaluation. Our experts will examine the vehicle thoroughly to give you accurate quotes.
  • Buying a 4x4- After you let us know about the vehicle you are looking for, we will check for its availability. Our team will let you know the price and the time when you can visit our shop for a physical inspection.
  • Finance- You can get finance solutions and assistance if you wish to buy your next 4x4 from us. Once you provide us with the required details, our experts can help you with the best-suited finance solutions for you.

Why Choose Your Next 4X4?

If you are planning to buy a 4x4 or looking for a reliable buyer for your old 4x4, check out our services. We are amongst the most popular 4x4 dealers in the city because of the following reasons:

Best Prices- Whether you want to buy or sell Troopcarriers of Australia with us, we assure you to provide the best deals in the market.

Finance Solutions- We understand your passion for 4x4 cars which is why we provide tailor-made finance solutions for you. Contact us if you are looking for any specific model of Land Cruiser; we have:

  • Landcruiser single cab for sale
  • Landcruiser dual cab for sale

Experts of 4x4- We deal with a wide range of 4x4 cars and know every detail when it comes to 4x4’s. Moreover, we have detailed insights about the pricing and market trends which lets us provide you with excellent offers while buying or selling a used vehicle with us.

Warranty- We strive to guarantee the top condition of our cars and also provide additional warranties to give your maximum satisfaction.

Friendly Service- Our team is always looking forward to providing quality service to our customers. We answer all your queries and will be there to support you through all the stages of our trade-in process.

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Are you looking for the best quality 70 series Land Cruiser or the 75 series Land Cruiser for sale? Your Next 4x4, Mildura, Victoria is here to offer you excellent deals on your favourite vehicles. We provide finance solutions and assistance as well as a warranty on each model that you buy. Contact us to enquire about your favourite 4x4 cars. You can call our team on 0404 343 444 to know more about our services.

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