Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale in Melbourne, Victoria

Toyota Landcruisers are hugely popular with 4wd drivers. These vehicles are tough and can operate on any kind of road. Your Next 4X4 is a premier and trusted used land cruisers dealer in Melbourne, Victoria. We offer a carefully selected selection of high-performing Landcruisers for sale.

We understand the spirit of adventure that fires up Australians’ love for the 4X4 drive. This makes us offer high-performing and well-maintained used land cruisers for purchase. If you are looking for a dependable and less driven Toyota land cruiser for sale or in search of a hzj for sale at a fair price, then call us for an appointment to visit our dealership. We thoroughly check and service every such vehicle in our workshop and provide a warranty on their performance.

Different Toyota and Land Cruiser Models That We Offer

One of the people’s favourite 4wd, the Toyota land cruiser comes in various models. Our team continuously searches for and procures these classics from their proud owners. We buy well-maintained cars after doing extensive mechanical and electrical checks on these vehicles and only then offer them for sale. You can visit our dealership after fixing an appointment and get any of the various classic models such as HZJ and VDJ for sale. We offer:

  • 70 Series LandCruiser for sale: This classic Toyota series came out in 1984. They were introduced in the market as the off-road speciality vehicle. This series was an upgraded version of the earlier Toyota vehicle, both in terms of technology and design. This car was sold throughout the world and was one of the most successful models of all time. You can get this classical 4wd in the best condition, from us. Check with our sales team for availability.
  • 75 Series Landcruiser for sale: The 75 series was the immediate successor of the 70 series. It took the ruggedness of the 40 series and was showcased as the more adventurous model. While the 70 series is still considered a classic, many people find the 75 series to be better.
  • 79 Series Landcruiser for sale: The 79 series is also a unique car that has the best of both worlds. Due to public demand, it was introduced to the market as the pickup truck version of the earlier models. This classic 4X4 drive has both the ruggedness of its earlier series along with various practical usages for its owners. If you are looking for this classic model then you can buy it from us.
  • 80 Series LandCruiser for sale: This series was a huge upgrade of the 70 series which was made for both the rough terrain and the luxurious on-road experience. This car has established itself as one of the best 4X4 vehicles of all time with its mix of strong build, and toughness with style. We have various Land cruiser 80 series for sale at our dealership for you to select from.

Please note that the above models are offered as per the availability. Do check on our website or with our sales team on models availability and price.

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Toyota VDJ, GRJ, or HZJ Engines: Know The Difference

The engines of land cruisers have been modified over time according to different market requirements and customer demands. Here are key differences in Toyota VDJ, GRJ and Hzj Engines that can help you decide which Landcruiser is best for you:

  • VDJ: They are known for their high performance and give better torque and control compared to the other engines. If you go off-road more often, then this is the engine best suited for you.
  • GRJ: These engines are equally powerful as the VDJ and have the additional advantage of carrying more weight. They are ideal for those users who carry heavy loads in their Landcruiser over long distances.
  • HZJ: They are the oldest model and have the simplest mechanism. Compared to the other engines they may provide lesser power but make that up with their endurance. Though HZJ has become somewhat rare in the market, however, we do offer various well-maintained and high-performing Toyota land cruiser hzj for sale at our dealership.

Buy Landcruiser Single Cab, Dual Cab, Wagon, or Troop Carriers in Melbourne

The other high-in-demand and popular Toyota 4wd series vehicles that people look for are:

  • Landcruiser Single Cab for sale: The Toyota single cab is one of the most popular models. If you are looking for this VDJ then we might have some good options available with us. Here are some key features of the vehicle:
    • The vehicle has a carrier in the rear to carry heavy loads over a long distance
    • The vehicle is ideal for off-roading on challenging road surfaces
    • It is a perfect vehicle for the transportation of bulk goods on rough terrain
  • Landcruiser Dual Cab for sale: The Toyota dual cab land cruisers are amongst the most advanced pickup truck in the market. Here are some of the key features of the vehicle:
    • They have a double cabin and are a four-seater
    • It has enough space in the rear end to carry loads
    • The Landcruiser dual cab is a perfect family vehicle as it gives a luxurious on-road experience
    • It is capable of off-roading with superior road grip
  • Toyota Troop carrier for sale: The Troopcarriers of Australia were considered game changers. They are similar to the dual cab but provided additional functions. We offer various troopy for sale at our dealership. Here are their key features:
    • They have the same chassis as the dual cab
    • The rear side is not used for load carrying but as the seating space
    • It can carry many people at the same time, hence the name troop carrier of Australia.

Why Choose Your Next 4X4 from us?

If you are looking for the best Toyota Landcruiser for sale at affordable prices then look no further than Your Next 4X4. We offer:

  • Experienced team: We have years of experience in the dealership business and acquire and sell only good condition used 4wds. You only get well-maintained vehicles from us.
  • Toyota Landcruisers specialists: As our name suggests, we are passionate about 4wd vehicles. Toyota is one of the top makers of 4X4 vehicles available in the market. Their 4wd range is hugely popular with Australians. You can find a variety of Toyota Landcruisers with us, with new models being added every month.
  • Warranty: Everything is fair and overboard with us, including the car’s history, kilometres driven and other essentials. We offer a warranty on most vehicles that we sell, along with many extras available
Buy the best condition used troop carriers in Melbourne with Your Next 4X4. We offer all kinds of Toyota Landcruisers, including Landcruiser single cab and Landcruiser dual cab for sale. Call us now on 407 056 793 to enquire about the Landcruiser you are looking for.